I see a doctor every Saturday.

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Nov 23, 2018 21:04
I see a doctor every Saturday.

I see a doctor every Saturday, because I have phlegm in my throat.
Actually, I started going to another clinic two weeks ago, because I have an acid reflux.
I had it three years ago and I was all better, but I started feeling an acid reflux one month ago.
When I saw a doctor in 2015, I had a gastroscopy and my results were negative so the doctor said 'You had functional dyspepsia(FD) or non-erosive reflux disease(NERD)'.
FD means I feel stomach wrong like stomach hurts and an acid reflux, but the stomach is good. It's said that the reason is something psychological.
Now I take three medicines every day.
Tomorrow is Saturday, so I have to see a doctor.