Does a teacher work in the hospital/clinic?

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Apr 6, 2019 23:32
Does a teacher work in the hospital/clinic?

I'll tell you about these Japanese "先生" and "医者/お医者さん."

Have you heard of them?

We call a teacher 先生 and call a doctor 医者/お医者さん, but we usually call a doctor 先生 in Japanese.That depends on the situation.

I'll tell you an example.

(A) If you saw a doctor and asked to a nurse, they would say "I'm not sure, 先生に聞いて下さい." they would never say "医者/お医者さんに聞いて下さい."

(B) If you saw a doctor and someone like your parents, your friends and your coworkers had already known that you was seeing a doctor, they would say "先生はなんて言ってた?or 医者/お医者さんは、なんて言ってた?"

(C) If you were in the airplane/ship and a passenger suddenly had a sick, a crew/a flight attendant would say "お医者様はいらっしゃいませんか?"
They would say "先生はいらっしゃいませんか?"
In this case, some crews/flight attendants might say "病院の先生はいらっしゃいませんか?"

For your information.
・We use these words "hospital/clinic" as the same meaning.
・To see a doctor is "病院/医者/お医者さんへ行きます." in Japanese.

Today's joke.

Almost all Japanese children have already known that their parents give them a present on Christmas instead of Santa Claus because almost all house in Japan doesn't have a chimney.

I have to go now.