A road/highway/railroad/freeway is running.

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Sep 17, 2019 18:58
A road/highway/railroad/freeway is running.
(you don't use these phrases in English, right?)

When we tell you that there is a road/highway/railroad , we often use this "道が走っています/線路が走っています"

"道が走っている" literally translates to "a road is running".
I'm not sure if it's faster than me or.lol

When you ask Japanese "could you tell me how to get to ○○station?" in Japanese, some Japanese could use the phrase "走っています" like this.


Be careful with this phrase "走ってます".
We never use for a station/store/shop/building.


When you say these phrases, all Japanese say "the shop don't aim for Olympics". lol