I have to correct your phrase.

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Mar 2, 2019 15:40
I have to correct your phrase.
I often read this Japanese "今日は良いお天気です."
It's good Japanese, but I have to correct this sometimes, because of the time when you post.
When you post it in the morning, I won't correct it, but when you post it at night, I have to correct it. I'd write "今日は良いお天気でした/今日は良いお天気だった."

And then I'm not sure if I should correct or not sometimes, because Japanese you write is good, but I'm not sure who were you talking to, friend? co-worker?
For example, "それを取ってくださいませんか?"
As we talk something with our friends, we don't say it, because it's a polite phrase.
I'd say "それ取って."
Please tell me the situation and who were you talk to? as much as possible.
I'm looking forward to correcting your post and thank you so much for always your corrections.