"Shoryo nagashi" was canceled.

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Aug 15, 2019 18:25
"Shoryo nagashi" was canceled.
"Shouryo nagashi" means to bring an offering placed in front of altar during obon to a place where it's collected.
This way depends on the area.
In Japan, the period, from August 13th through August 15th/16th is called "Obon".
We place an offering like food, flowers in front of alter on the day when I want to or on the special day.
In my area, we make a fire called "okuri-bi" on August 15th every year.
Okuri-bi means a fire to send an ancestor on the 15th/16th.
We bring the offering to the place after okuri-bi, but it's canceled this year because of typhoon.
In 1997 was the first time I did shouryo-nagashi because my grandmother passed away in the year.
It's the first time it's canceled since 1997