The Japanese baseball player Ichiro Suzuki retired.

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Mar 24, 2019 20:39
The Japanese baseball player Ichiro Suzuki retired.
I deliberately put "the" before Japanese.

He started his career as a professional baseball player in 1992 in Japan.
A lot of Japanese people came to know him after he set a Japanese single-season record with 210 hits.
I didn't like him very much at first, but I gradually liked him. I don't remember the reason.
He had been practicing, but hasn't played the game for the last year.
If he had been playing the game last year, he might have decided not to retire.

Good job! Ichiro.

I have to go now.
a manager in Seattle Mariners called me and said "Yuki, we have only eight members in our team, so can you come here?."
I asked him "Why me? should you call shohei (Otani)?"
He said "I don't know his address.when I email you, you always reply within five minute ,so you are neighbor, right? "
I had no words.