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Apr 28, 2019 09:44
As technology has become advanced, almost blue-collor workers don't have to work.

For example, many soldier dislike being dispatched disputed area because all of them have their families.

If you use drones, you can murder enemies 100% accuracy and don't feel anguish. Furthermore military men will not suffer from PTSD in the future. AI and machines do these disastrous jobs instead of us.

There are a lot of workers who constantly break their bodies, especially LB, in Manufacture industry, caregiving, agriculture industry, and so on. Especially Japan is aging society, therefore robots should do these kinds of repetitive jobs instead of us.

※Caregiving needs communication and empathy capabilities but if AI learn human sympathy, AI may take care of elderly and young children. In my opinion I would like to look after my parents.


Advanced technologies have many benefits.
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