Our Foreign Language Teacher

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Jun 25, 2014 02:52
Our Foreign Language Teacher
We have a English teacher, he is really lovely, friendly and ...maybe a little bit shy. He is from England and he looks knowledgeable. It is worth having his class for the simple reason that his class is very interesting, and I am interested in him. By the way, we have the same hobby, we both love playing guitar., though I don't know that if he can play it well, I wish that we can play it together one day. I LOVE studying English;)
我们有一个英语老师,他很可爱,友好,也许还有一点害羞。他来自英国并且看起来知识渊博。上他的课非常值得因为他的课很有趣,并且我对他也很感兴趣~~顺便说一下,我们有相同的爱好~~我们都爱弹吉他,虽然不知道他吉他弹得怎么样,但是我希望有一天能 和他一起弹奏。 我真的很喜欢学习英语~~~