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Testimonials from friends

Chorusさん is my first friend on Lang-8. She has been vital to my learning of Japanese and about Japan. (I just wish she was online more lately. ^_^)
Chorus was one of my first friends on Lang-8, and a great person to introduce me to the world of Lang-8. I love to read her entries, and I hope that my corrections help. I do not know Japanese, but I often think about learning it, thanks to learning about Japanese culture through Chorus' entries. Thank you!
Hello,I am glad you are willing to be my friend.

Chorusさん is great!! She's an incredibly kind person, and makes me smile when i feel down! She also loves sweets!!! :D mmm, i really wanna try some of the ones i've seen on her entries!! I also like reading about her family, because it sounds like Chorus has such good relationships, and a really nice home atmosphere!!! And, it's really cool to see her english improve day by day ^_^ ty for all your messages & help!!!
chorusさん is a really friendly and kind woman very dedicated to her English studies. Her English is almost flawless. Her entries are always interesting and a pleasure to correct. Her Japanese corrections are always very useful and she's helped me out a lot. I'm glad to have met her. ^-^

Her photos are so Suggestive! ^_^
chorusさん is a very very helpful person. Interesting journals too! We share the same interest in B'z too. I always check her profile page for new music. :)
chorusちゃん is such a great friend, I'm really glad to have met her. Besides always giving me helpful corrections, she also writes a lot of interesting comments that brighten up my day! You can definitely tell that she's a great and generous person through her comments. Even though I've never met her in real life, I feel as if I know her!