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Foreigner Living in Japan. New to Lang-8 but looking to share interest in the Japanese Language and hopefully make some corrections of my own to share. Don't hesitate to contact regarding any question at all!

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2013/08/08 - Translating my about me page into Japanese. It's going to take some time but hopefully with the help of my friends it should take that long at all. I plan on doing it piece by piece. There is no hurry, right? Don't hesitate to add me on Twitter or Facebook!

2013/05/24 - At the bare minimum, I try to write a journal entry at least once a week. Notice how my intro isn't written in Japanese. If I did things would get messy. I will try to add it in the distant future.


I'm interested in Japanese culture such as Manga, Anime, and Cherry Blossom Viewing. Very much so looking forward to this years' Sakura. I also enjoy riding the rail cars such as those that can be found in Hokkaido Japan (Hakodate and Sapporo), Hiroshima, and other places like Toyama.


I've been a student of the English language for the entire span of my life. I started learning Japanese in high school continuing on until leaving collage. Rounding up the years I have been exposed to Japanese, it's been close to a decade. My experience as a language learner is that in order to get to a point you feel comfortable using a foreign language trying everything is a must. Every little bit counts and perseverance will get you there.


Not to delve too into the specific, in college I spent most of my time studying electrical engineering, computer science, and the Japanese language. My best advice for anyone learning Japanese or English for that matter with hopes to make a career out of it is to study abroad before you graduate. If you don't finding a job and working will ride you like a banshee leaving little time for travel.


Here is just a short list of tools I use on a daily basis such as: online dictionaries, Firefox Add-ons, and other tools that may help while trying to learn another language.

- Rikai-chan
- FoxReplace: Firefox Add-on that I use to replace Japanese words that I already know into English for easily visibility of keywords reading Japanese web pages.
- Weblio: One of the best English-Japanese learners dictionaries that I've found. Great resource for finding example sentences using helping you study both Japanese and English word usage on contrast.
- Word Dynamo: Great learning tool for testing your English and building onto your vocabulary. Recommended for increasing English vocabulary.