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Cool day

It was fine in the morning.I went to the shopping mall to buy the book. But it began to rain in the evening.It was cold a little.
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Apr 20, 2013 17:40
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Testimonials from My Friends

Always gives great explanations and corrections! I am always grateful for all his suggestions too ^ ^. And his English is very good ^ ^. It's always a pleasure to read his entries!
JUST LOOK AT HIS POINTS! I Namba-san is NAMBA 1 in Lang-8!!!!!! He is very helpful :)! No one else help to correct every single one of my entry. Thank you Namba-san for correcting my entries only when necessary! Some people like to change the structure even though the original can be correct.
Sometimes when people correct your sentences, they change the entire structure and sound. While that is helpful in its own way, I really like that Namba-san always sticks very close to the original sentence. It helps me see where specifically I went wrong (particle, conjugation, word order, etc) in order to improve for next time. I'm always glad to see corrections from him in my notifications because he provides some of the best feedback my posts will get. Thank you, Namba-san!
Namba-san is a great asset to this website! He always corrects entries in ways that are easy to understand so you never feel overwhelmed. You can learn a lot from him! He's also really good at English and has been steadily improving!!
He has helped me with English for a long time and basically corrects all of my entries! I am always very grateful for it :) He is a kind person who is trying his best to learn English..which I think is a difficult language for Japanese. I support him in his language studies and hope everyone can too ; ) Let's make his English as great as our Japanese is becoming thanks to his corrections!