I have a cat

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Feb 13, 2019 11:56
His name is "Phởn". It roughly means "high spirit/happy/excited in a funny, childish kind of way". Original his name was "hip-hop" but because of his over the top playfulness, we kept calling him "phởn" without thinking, so eventually it became his official name. He is around 7 months, so about 10 years old? I'm not sure how to count cat age...

He doesn't fond of dry cat food but we can't afford to give him wet cat food on a daily basic, so we feed him meat from our meals. He like to go out very much, we used to let him play in our garden, he caught pretty much everything: mice, bugs, butterflies, birds, flowers... But there was one time he went out to play and didn't comeback home for almost a week, we were so sad and worried, my sister even bursted into tears when she saw him back... After that incident we keep him in the house only. It's a bit pity for him but we can't bear to lose him again :(.
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