A dream

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May 9, 2019 12:23
I dreamed a dream last night.

In that dream, I was kind of, a criminal. I don't remember what I did, but probably something evil. I walked through the forest, tried to put the "evidence" into a tree hollow (to hide it from people), but the "evidence" was too big, it didn't fit in. Then I went to a movie theater with the thought of hiding it under one of the chairs, but suddenly the theater turned to be a football field, with our national team playing there. People showed up out of no where, it was very crowded and I even met a few acquaintances. We talked for a while then I received a call. Seemed like I had an appointment at the hospital. Because the appointed place was at the top floor, I took the elevator to go. Which I didn't expect was that immediately once the elevator door opened, I was kidnapped. Those people took me to a private luxury room, tied me up and left me there. What strange was that, even in that moment, rather than being scared, I was still holding the "evidence" tightly, trying to find a way to hide it away.

Because my alarm went off right there, I woke up wonder if that dream had any special meaning at all, and if the story was to continue, what would happen next.