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Feb 14, 2019 16:05
Back then I used to write quite a lot. About my daily days, my imaginary friends, and my fantasy stories. Those stories are mostly with witches and magic, sparkle and beautiful. That's the kind of world which I love.

I wrote a lot but never finish any. I lost interest along the way as the story didn't go the way I wanted it to. Characters acted on their own. Plots made no sense. I was no longer their God. I lost the power over the land I created. So I let them be. With the freedom bestowed from me, I believed they would lived on, and created their own stories somehow. Maybe my heroine would ended up being defeated under the villains's feet. Maybe their world would crumbled and a new God would be born. It was okay. It was their fates then, I thought to myself.

I'm thinking of writing something again. This time with proper outline and plan, hopefully the result can be different. I'm also hoping I'd be able to find back some old friends: the Passion, Patience and Creativeness that all were lost long ago.
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