I read some magazine introducing seafood.

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Mar 21, 2019 16:08
I read some magazine introducing seafood. There are some sea food I like best.

STIR FRIED CLAMS WITH BASIL; raw fish: Tuna and Salmon.; Lobster; 3 Spot Crab( not expensive but sweet and juicy); Grouper( steamed or made in soup); Sauteed Seasonal Vegetable; grilled octopus;barbecue beef( well….in Taiwan, seafood restaurants sell anything. Cow definitely not in the sea); Three cup chicken( again…..the ingredients are one cup of sesame oil, rice wine and soy sauce, respectively); grilled lamb chops; fried Octopus; beer with iceberg in

Hope one day that I can eat them for a week. I am never tired of them.

Actually, pork is so so to me, I ate pork because beef and lamb are too expensive.