Waves of globalization come toward us if we like it or not(望もうが望むまいが国際化の波は向こうからやってくる)#1660

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Jul 20, 2017 21:43 job feeling(s)
Two guests from Thailand visited our facility and I took care of them with one of my coworkers. We used English as a common language. Even though our English skills weren’t native English speaker’s level, our meeting went fairly smoothly with no problem.

Actually, I hadn’t used English for a long time, so I took three English conversation classes yesterday.

I’m not sure I should think I am lucky or not, almost every time when the guests from foreign countries come to visit our facility, I am the one who is asked to take care of guests. However, most of the time, gusts’ schedules tend not to be fixed by the last minutes, so I have to cancel other schedules. It’s kind of a bit troublesome.

Have you ever had such experiences?