My dream

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Mar 4, 2013 06:42
My dream

I want to draw comics. I'm already 30, so I don't know if I will be able to do anything.

I planned 3 stories.

At the moment I'm working mainly on a story about wrestling that I will post online as comic. It's title is Rough Dream.
With this story, I aim to show the moment when a young dreamer faces the harsh reality of following his own aspirations (here the meaning of the title). Brian, the protagonist of this story is an aspiring wrestler and, trustful on his own talent, he trains since he was eight. But when he joins in a worldwide wrestling federation, he will discover that the life of a pro-wrestler is not all candy and cotton as he excepted.
I setted this story in the pro-wrestling world because I created Brian in a period where I followed WWE wrestling, and the Wrestlemania match where Undertaker and Triple H fought each other, and where Taker collapsed after his victory inspired me. Often it seems that fans don't consider wrestlers as human being and think that everytime they get injured is just a 'job'. In my comic I will show how that in every singe match, a wrestler can get injured, even at the point to risk his life. Character developement is also an important aspect of Rough Dream.

On my avatar Brian, the protagonist