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Hello, I was recommended to this site by a good friend. It'd be great to find someone to help out with English, while they help me with my Japanese. It's a beautiful language and the culture has captivated me at young age. Though Korean is another language i'd like to learn. I hope to become friends with a lot of you.~ Hopefully this site will help with my future career as an English teacher! Feel free to add me!

I LOVE playing video games like, BIOSHOCK, Oblivion, Assassins Creed, Muramasa, Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon, Borderlands, OFF, Portal, and such. Most of my favorite bands come from different countries, haha. Like SHINee, Super junior, EXO, The Gazette, Boyfriend and Alice Nine. Though I like a lot of other music, too. '

Watching K-dramas is another hobby of mine, since they're so great! I get stuck watching them all day because they're so fun to watch. If you have ay questions you can just message me or add me on skype! I hope we can become friends, soon.~