My Work (Part I)

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Feb 10, 2014 21:28
I work as a psychologist in a care homes. I've always wanted to work with elderly people, although I also like teaching and languages, so focused my career on the field of gerontology and I’m currently lucky to be working there.
In my first job as a psychologist in a care home I realized that my work had not only psychological benefits for users, but they also had psychological benefits for me and this made me feel hooked on my work.

Many people have a misconception about the residences. They think it’s something “dark” like an asylum for people almost abandoned, but this is not the case. It’s a big home where all of us form part of a large family. There they receive care such as cleanliness or food, of course, but they also have another type of services to do life the happiest possible.

I work to achieve the elderly's mental health. To do this, I perform evaluations with different cognitive tests and interviews to determine what kind of damage the person has and what the level is. With this information I write a psychological report and we, the technical team (the nurse, the social worker, the physical therapist and me) prepare a Personal Care Plan where we set goals and actions for each person.