Activity: Write a report describing the advantages for your company...

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Mar 20, 2013 00:29
Activity: Write a report describing the advantages for your company of neither white-water rafting trip or a weekend at a health spa (the company will give that trip to workers).

The aim of this report is to compare the benefits to our company of a white-water rafting trip and a weekend at a health spa. I interviewed several members of our department in order to find out their opinion.

White –water rafting trip
Some coworkers though that a white-water rafting trip would offer many benefits, for the following reasons:
1. It would be a new and different experience for the most of us.
3. The communication and interaction among coworkers would be encouraged and supported because it is a sport with high level group participation.
3. It would be very exciting and we could achieve a de-stressing effect by the rush of adrenaline in full nature.
However, the risk of practicing that may be very high because it is considered as an extreme sport, so it could be dangerous to inexperienced people as we are.

Health Spa Weekend
There are a number of good points about a health spa weekend, and the majority of coworkers preferred this option, because:
1. A spa is a quiet place that would help us to relax and disconnect before returning to daily grind.
2. We could get health benefits thanks to the treatments offered, like the sauna, the massages and the body treatments.
3. It would not require neither training nor gear and has no health risks.
4. It would strengthen the relationships between coworkers thanks to the relaxing ambiance versus the daily stress at work.

Both ideas have advantages, but it would seem that most member felt that health spa weekend would be extremely beneficial in terms of relaxation.
Therefore, I would strongly recommend this option.