Silicone Bellies

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Mar 6, 2013 08:44
Silicone Bellies

The silicone bellies are becoming a big business in China, where some women use them to pretend a pregnancy and to get people relinquish their seats on public transportation.
This product is available on many web sites where you can find a wide variety of bellies, with several sizes corresponding to the different months of pregnancy. Besides you can find bellies to simulate you are expecting twins, triplets or more. The price of that is between 300 and 700 yuanes (about 40 to 90 euros) and that is selling well as a way to get the pregnant women’s privileges , according to the newspaper “New Pekin”.
Originally, the product was invented as a custome or as a protective for real pregnant women. But nowadays the product is being advertised as a way to avoid queuing or get a seat on the bus every day.

These little bellies were unnoticed until a woman from Pekin was shown on the news because she was caught “in fraganti” wearing one of these bellies in the Pekin metro.
She told that she lives outside Pekin and she bought that product in order to add comfort to her long trips to her place of work in the downtown.
The problem was the “belly” was moving a little too much, so the passenger noticed the trick.
Not only that, this woman has even filed a denunciation for misleading advertising!