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Hello everyone! I am a bible believing Christian, so my faith is in Jesus Christ 💞👼. I am Mexican American so I am a fluent American English speaker, and I also know quite a bit of Mexican Spanish. I really love food and cooking, watching TV and movies, cute animals, singing, and my favorite singer is Филипп Киркоров 😱😘😂

I just started learning Russian by myself at the beginning of October 2017, so I can't hold a conversation in Russian yet. I have four different books to learn Russian from, but I have decided to stick to just one book for now, so I wont be confused or overwhelmed by all the different approaches. I feel like my pace is about one lesson per week, so I am hoping I can find someone to help me with the lessons in my book. Not necessarily teach me, but just guide me, answer questions, etc. maybe once a week. I can do the same for you in return, or whatever you need.
My book is from the 1960s though, I hope you don't mind, it may be a bit outdated, you know 😅😅😅

I took like 2 years of Mandarin Chinese in high school almost 10 years ago, around 2008 (I feel so old now, haha). I have forgotten almost everything now. I might as well start from the beginning again. Well, I have many books to choose to study from, but I think I will stick to just one or two. So as with Russian, I hope I can find a native mainland Mandarin Chinese speaker who uses simplified Chinese, so you can help me with the dialogues and answer some of my questions from my textbooks. Then I can help you with whatever you feel you are struggling with such as homework, dialogues, pronunciation, spelling, etc. 😺

Well, thank you for your time reading any of this. Have a blessed day 🙋

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