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Testimonials from friends

Not only is my friend NaGG a nice guy and a skillful English writer, he also has a keen eye and a knack for description. If his skill with words is as good in his native Japanese as it is in English, he could write one hell of a good novel. NaGG always has interesting entries to write about, more than I could ever hope to muster. If you aren't already friends with him, you should be! NaGG definitely is a gentleman and a scholar.
NaGG is clearly a scholar at heart gifted with literary genius. Not only that, he is a kind gentleman who has tirelessly corrected and cleverly commented on dozens of my journal entries. I have only good things to say about him, and hope to meet him in Hokkaido in the near future over a delicious meal of kai-sen don!
I can't believe I haven't posted a Lang-8 testimonial for my friend NaGG! Especially after his all too kind post on my page. :] As others have said, because it is so apparent, NaGG is an extremely patient, knowledgeable, and kind Lang-8 user. Since the time I started using Lang-8, he has corrected many of my posts, and his help has been indispensable to my progress in the Japanese language. Furthermore, we have chatted when we are able (time-zones make it hard to have real-time chats with Japanese people from America!) and I've always enjoyed our conversations. Whether you are learning English or Japanese, I recommend reading NaGG's posts and/or their native-language versions. They are of the highest quality, and always provide interesting/funny stories or information!
NaGG is a brilliant man of wide learning. I wonder if he knows everything! I love to read his entries, because I always can learn new Japanese words and phrases from his posts.The most important thing is that his corrections is really great. He is very nice and kind to help language learners. So why not add him as a friend?!
NaGG is an example of your ideal member. Very kind, very patient, very knowledgeable, and always happy to help. So glad to have him as a friend here. Always a pleasure reading his posts as well, very interesting!
みなさん、もうご存知だと思いますが、NaGGさんは、本当にやさしくて、素晴らしい人です。そのお人柄があふれる投稿もとても素敵です。同じ日本人でありながらも、その文章の美しさや繊細さ、表現力に魅了されます。とても友達思いの方なので、友達の添削が少ないと思われたら、「添削をしてください」とお願いをされています。NaGGさん、これからもよろしくお願いします🎵 (#^^#) 
As you can see from his entries, NaGG is quite proficient in English and rarely requires any correction. He also sometimes corrects entries of Japanese language learners.
NaGG is empathetic, patient and has an ordered mind. He has dedicated over five years to giving thoughtful and relevant corrections. Moreover, his own posts are very interesting to read. He is the perfect Lang-8 member.
Once NaGG said that his profile image is one of the Nazca geoglyphs. Whenever I find it in the display list of my friend's new entries, I am glad. I like to read his wonderful diaries because I feel sympathy with them. Perhaps the secret key to achieving your constant writing on Lang-8 may be having good friends like him who writes interesting diaries constantly.
Very helpful person, the corrections are easily understandable, thanks to the short comments. Nagg is interested in a lot of subject, there's always a nice comment after the post. ♪ And thanks to Nagg's interesting posts, I always get to know something new about Japan. ♪ いつもありがとうございます。

NaGG is great! His English is awesome, his Japanese is awesome (duh), and he even knows Russian! Many people have already written very nice things about him, and I completely agree with all of them. His corrections are always helpful, and his entries are informative and fun. He'd make a great teacher and a good friend! ♪( ´▽`)
A wonderful person! Always very helpful with his corrections, and also extremely friendly. As an addition, he is very keen on interesting things and you can educate yourself by reading his posts :)
Gaurav D
NaGG san is one of the most active Lang-8 user. His corrections are really helpful^^

NaGG is one of the best contributors of Lang-8. His Japanese is excellent and he explains grammar clearly. Most importantly he is a good friend both for Japanese learners and Japanese members who love nature and people. I have an impression that he is a modern-day Samurai :-D
I consider myself very fortunate to become acquainted with NaGG. He is easy going, friendly, and has a good sense of humor. He is a great teacher who is generous with his knowledge and yet so modest. His journals are always an enjoyable read, written in both excellent English and Japanese. You can be sure that his corrections are one of the best, as he comes highly recommended by other native Japanese speakers. I have learnt a lot from his corrections, comments and his journals and deeply appreciate it! I've definitely become one of his fans. NaGG先生、いつもありがとうございます。これからも、よろしくお願いします。
NaGG truly is one of the best users on this website. Whenever NaGG corrects your journal, he will always read all of your native text so that he can give you the best corrections possible. It's obvious that NaGG is the type of person who wants to help other people succeed. Besides his top quality corrections, I must say his entries are just as good. I truly enjoy reading about his adventures with nature. If you like to read interesting stories, or if you want to improve your Japanese, you should ask NaGG to be your friend. Thanks for all the corrections!
One of the greatest guys ever on Lang-8. I'm a big fan of NaGG, and his corrections are always helpful for Japanese learners.
Very helpful advice and detailed explanations!
NaGG is a wonderful Japanese friend. His writings are full of wits and sentiments for nature. Whenever I read his writing about his trips, I can't help but see that part of the world through his eyes. ^^
NaGG is a wonderful teacher and friend! He's very polite and responsive to any questions or (random) comments you may have, and his posts are excellent. He even includes the hiragana readings of the kanji in his Japanese versions, which are extremely helpful for beginners. You can learn a lot about Japanese and Japan from his posts along with many other things. Thank you so much, NaGG! (^-^)/
NaGG is a great person to help you study. Corrections are always thorough and if you have any questions, he's more than happy to explain. His journal entries are also fantastically written in English and they're always interesting. :)
NaGG is a nice, knowledgeable and very open minded person. He is so friendly, his corrections are very helpful, and his posts are beyond interesting. Reading his journals makes me love nature, science and of course the Japanese language. إنه مميزٌ حقًا! :)
NaGG is a really nice person who has corrected a lot of my Japanese blogs and answers my questions if I have any :)
NaGG is a always quick to help and explain things about Japanese, and he's an excellent example to this forum. He even dedicates entire articles to explain Japanese grammar, and he's responsive to other people's humor and goodwill.:-) If I ever had any weird notions about Japanese people, NaGG has shattered them all for good!! ^^