My Family

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Jun 13, 2018 09:44
I’ve lost my phone since 3 weeks ago so I couldn’t study on this website but I got a new one! I’m gonna start it again.

I’m gonna write down about my family.
My family are five people. My mom, dad, two older brothers. This time I’m gonna introduce my mom. She is a nurse who works everyday at hospital. I adore her because she is a strong (I never seen her tears), kind, understandign parson, cute and great chef. I’m crazy about traveling all around the world so I went some places where I wanted to go. I didn’t talk about that detail to her but she always waits me with yummy meal when I’m home. I’m a sudden person so probably she worries me always but she has never said me “don’t do that”.
Her’s meal(I mean meal was made by her) is super yummy I love mom’s food everything.
She has a deep heart. I always talked to her my opinion about everything as journey, relationship, life style and spiritual. She is always just listening and then give me some advices. I really appreciate to her and I’m so happy to be her’s daughter. Someday I wanna be a women who like a my mom.