Today, I want to write about different words for "Laughing&quo...

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Feb 22, 2013 04:36
Today, I want to write about different words for "Laughing" in English,

I recently thought that it must be hard for people learning English, to remember all the words for "laugh" in English.

Maybe this will help you out a little bit. :)

You have "Laugh" this is just the normal, average, dull word for laughing!

Next is, "Giggle".

Giggle should only be used on little girls or young teenage girls, of course if you're a male you can still use this word.
"Giggle"は、女の子と女子個性だけ使います。もちろん、男性はいったら、まだ大丈夫です!(I'm trying to say "If you are a man.")

But saying things like "I giggled." as a man or a boy will make you appear quite strange. This word is used to describe something like a high pitched, squeaky laugh.
でも、"I giggled." を言いますやおかしいものが、妙のように見える。この言葉は高い声やきしみ声よく描写します。

Next is, "Chuckle". I like this word. It is used mostly towards men.

Chuckle is a lighter, softer and more amused sort of laugh.

Now for "Chortle" I LOVE this word.

I use it in sarcasm, but it's something like a "Snorty, joyful laugh". It's a cute word in my opinion.

Now for "Cackle" this is like a "Witch's laugh". This is a scary, loud, obnoxious laugh.

If you hear someone talking about someone with a "Witch cackling laugh" or so, you'll now understand.

"Sniggering & Snickering" are pretty much the same, I think.

This is a rude, mean, and judgmental laugh. It's pretty quiet because it's used to judge and sneer at people.



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