Orange farm

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Nov 5, 2012 10:54
Yesterday I went to an orange farm with my family and the families of my son's friends. In Japan, to go to an orange farm and to reap oranges are popular play in autumn. Someone go to a grape farm, and others go to a pear farm to reap them for pleasure. Most of the oranges reaped there were immature, and furthermore my chiledren reaped the sour ones and made me to eat them. They wanted not to eat them but to harvest them. I thought that they wanted to satisfy me with the fresh oranges, so I ate lots of green ones.
The mother of my son's friend is an elementary school teacher. She had suspended her career for 2 years because she had beared her baby and brought him up. She went back to her job in April this year. Her heavy-duty work and raising children trouble her and she complained of it yesterday. I am a working mother so that I can understand her troubles. I want working mothers in the world to hold out and take pride in themselves.