Pop-under advertising

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Jan 15, 2010 21:35
This is an open message to the managers of the lang-8 site. I would appreciate it if someone would translate it into Japanese.

I am writing to request that you cease the practice of triggering advertisements which open up additional web pages. You can put any advertisements on the lang-8 web page which you want, and I will not complain, although some of them have tasteless content.

However, causing my browser to open up other web pages without my asking them to be opened is an offensive form of advertising. This has been bothering me for a while, but today something happened which makes me hesitant to continue using the site.

Something at the lang-8 website triggered a popunder advertisement just now which my virus checking program said attempted to infect my system with a virus. No harm was done; the antivirus program caught it in time to abort the connection, but I cannot count on this always being the case.

I value the time I spend here at lang-8 a lot. I wish I were in a financial position to become a premium member, but my income is extremely limited. I realize that the site has to make money if it is to continue to exist, so conventional advertising may be necessary for those of us who are not premium members. This form of advertising is beyond the pale, however.