「Thank you for your correction!」というメッセージは不自然です (The Message "Thank you for your correction!" is Unnatural)

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Apr 23, 2019 19:34
Lang-8のサイトに「Thank you for your correction!」というメッセージを送るボタンがあります。
There is a button on the Lang-8 website which produces the message "Thank you for your correction!" when you click on it.

This message is almost always unnatural.

「Thank you for your corrections!」や「Thank you for correcting my entry!」のほうが自然です。
"Thank you for your corrections!" and "Thank you for correcting my entry!" are both more natural.

The noun "correction" has both countable and uncountable usages, which have different meanings.

The meaning as a countable noun is "a change made in order to make something correct."

言いたいことなら、日記を添削している人がほとんどいくつかの書き換えを作るよね。だから「Thank you for your corrections!」というメッセージはもっと自然です。
If this is the intended meaning, a person who corrects an entry almost always makes several changes, so the message "Thank you for your corrections!" is more natural.

The meaning of "correction" as an uncountable noun is "the action or process of making corrections."

この場合は、「Thank you for correcting my entry!」はもっと自然です。行為を指すために「correction」よりも「correcting my entry」のほうが分かりやすい。
In this case, "Thank you for correcting my entry" is more natural, because "correcting my entry" is a clearer way of indicating the action than "correction."

When a noun has both countable and uncountable usages, the uncountable noun usually has a more abstract meaning.

I will add some examples.

thought(s) [可算] -- 考え、思い
thought [不可算] -- 考え方、考えること

democracy, democracies [可算] -- 民主国家
democracy [不可算] -- 民主

glass, glasses [可算] -- コップ、水飲み
glass [不可算] -- ガラス、グラス
(a pair of) glasses -- 眼鏡

work(s) [可算] -- 作品
work [不可算] -- 仕事、働き

creation(s) [可算] -- 創作
creation [不可算] -- 創造

food(s) [可算] -- 食べ物の種類、食品の種類
food [不可算] (普通の使い方) -- 食べ物、食品
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