Education by Using a Tablet Computer for Children

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Jan 13, 2013 08:39
Hi, I would really appreciate it if you would correct my English.

Just System Corporation or Benesse Corporation has been starting correspondence education by using a tablet computer for children in elementary and middle school in succession.

By policy stopping education free from pressure, contents of textbook has increased at the rate of 50% but time of lessons has increased at the rate of just 10%.
In this situation, the companies seem to try to encourage voluntary study for children by supplying a portable tablet computer and exciting materials.
There seems to be another background that the Education Ministry plans to equip a tablet computer to each children in elementary and middle school until fiscal year 2020.

I've not had my daughter belonging to the second grade in elementary school touch the internet yet because I have a lot to worry about the internet use for children.
However the times that children in elementary school seem perfectly natural to operate a tablet computer will be coming, won't it?