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Aug 29, 2019 20:20
What's more, violence is another common feature in movies and television, it's especially seen in western programs. Teenagers and kids are very immature, if they grow under a culture which promotes violence or being exposed to violence frequently, they might think using violence is an acceptable way and increase the social crime rate. Several years ago, an American black rap singer called Y.G released a song called Meet the Flockers, in the song he describes how to rob the Chinese neighbourhood in details. And when his song triggered the great anger from the Chinese American community, he claimed that violence is a part of the culture in his hometown and didn't apologize at all. So far, we can still listen to this song on Youtube, what a shame! Besides, increasing mass shooting in the USA is another reflection of the negative effects of violence from movies and dramas.

Last but not least, movies and dramas sometimes can mislead children to have bad manners through offensive slangs or words. Some children may learn these bad words and talk to people in a pretty rude way, personally I've heard that a few Chinese kids use abusive language talk to their classmates simply due to a cartoon. They pick up these lines and don't know being rude is very indecent.