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Jul 2, 2019 17:31
I don't think young people today are more capable to make their own decisions. In fact, I believe they're quite dependant on their parents as they were in the past. The situation might differ in the west, but in China it remains almost same.

To begin with, most Chinese people still can't choose their mates freely, arranged marriage is still common in some areas. According to a survey, 55% Chinese don't marry for love, the majority of them are forced to marry by their parents. As Chinese are not liberated through thoughts, there's still the stupid concept that one should continue the family tie by getting married in order to have a child. Well, in this way people are used as machines, as reproduction tools. I have a former friend who has this sort of marriage. In last century of China, there's a famous female writer called Zhang Ailing once said, "A loveless marriage is legal prostitution." I couldn't agree more. China is still not free, Chinese people are still not free.