The born of a detective

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Aug 16, 2019 23:04
Recently a lady in Hong Kong was shot by the police and caused her right eye vision's permanent loss. The vicious CCP claimed that this was done by this "riot
's partner and the reason was they distributed their “illicit money” unevenly.

Now Detective Yaoyuan(myself) is gonna prove this is a bullshit.
As lang-8 can't upload pics now, I'll attach my twitter link here:

Let's begin with my 1st tweet. The vicious CCP claimed that these pics were shot on the same day and the woman who's distributing the money was the injured one. Folks, let's look at the 1st two pics, if you view it carefully, you'll find that woman's hair colour is brown. And we can tell the injured lady's hair colour is black. Well, did she dye her hair that day?

Now let's look at my second tweet. In this pic we can find the left woman's skin colour is white while the right woman's skin colour is yellow. You can dye your hair, but how can you change your skin colour in one single day??? It's impossible!!!

And my readers, if you look at this pic carefully, you'll see there's wrinkle on the injured lady's forehead while we can't detect that on that left lady, as her image is vague. Now here comes the question, why one pic is clear while the other is vague? Because they can't provide the clear version of that left lady as she's totally another woman!!! If they provide the clear frontal view, people certainly would find it out!!!

So this is the truth. I just use a few pics to prove this is a lie through some tiny details which can't be detected by common people.
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