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Jul 2, 2019 17:30
The reading holds the opinion that bees didn't exist as early as 200 million years ago. However, the professor takes issue with this idea by stating several arguments.

First, the author asserts that no fossils of actual bees are found that date to 200 million years ago. Yet, the professor argues that the fossils of bees might be preserved in some tree lenses, as these trees are quite rare, so it's not strange we can't find the fossils.

Second, the reading suggests that the absence of flowering plants indicates bees can't exist that much early. Nevertheless, studies show that bees might feed on non-flowering plants for a long time before they use flowering plants as the main food source. In this theory, the absence of flowering plants can't truly prove bees don't exist for 200 million years.

Third, the reading maintains the view that the structures lack important details to prove the early existence of bees. But the professor says that researches find that fossilized structures use the same kind of water purifying material as the modern bee nests, this tiny detail reveals that these structures are made by bees.
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