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Apr 11, 2019 23:25
The passage believes that salvage logging can help solve the great damage caused by forest fires and severe storms for three reasons: it can make spacious room for fresh new trees to grow; by removing rotting wood, the dangers of insect infestation can be minimized; it will contribute to the economic development and create more jobs for local people.

The professor refutes all of these ideas. To begin with, salvage logging can't provide suitable environment for new trees to grow, instead, it might cause harm for the surroundings. For this reason, the first hypothesis is not trustworthy.

Another suggestion is that spruce bark beetle won't hurt the forest so much as the passage indicates, while salvage logging will do more harm than the insect infestation. So in this case, the second theory is not convincing at all.

A third possibility is that the economic benefits it can bring about are pretty limited. These damaged trees can't provide qualified wood for industries, also, many jobs can be done by professional and adept outsiders instead of local workers. Under such circumstances, salvage logging is not a wise solution.