TPO writing 54(2)

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Aug 11, 2019 20:44
Secondly, it is our duty to learn the history of our country, otherwise people will be ignorant or brainwashed by the government. Once again, I have to talk about the Chinese and the vicious CCP. Most Chinese youth don't know the Tianan Men Massacre, they also know little about the Cultural Revolution. The garbled history done by CCP has been supplanting hatred in people's mind repeatedly. Now, most mainlander thought the protest in Hong Kong is manipulated by USA and believed Hong Kongers were mobs. They don't have the critical thinking ability cos they don't know the true history of PRC and can't tell CCP is the 21st century's Nazi actually.

Thirdly, history can teach you how to think. I think therefore I am, we're different from human beings because we have thought, intelligence and morality. History can teach you the development of all these things, politics, economy, military, culture, they're all affecting our daily life. And they're all included in history. By being thoughtful and profound, you will be extraordinary and have a better future.

For all these reasons, it's of vital importance to learn history at university.