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Aug 29, 2019 20:15
The writer talks about several common beliefs about elephants in the article, however, the professor refutes them by listing convincing evidences.

First, the author argues that elephants can know when they're going to die while the professor points out this is just a misconception. The older elephants break away from their herds simply because their teeth worn down, thus, they need to find soft vegetation to eat. Usually, such vegetation nears the water. That's why they often end their lives near bodies of water due to they feed there until they die.

Second, the reading suggests elephants can do painting alone, yet, the listening indicates this is a result of human training. According to the professor, the elephants ears are highly sensitive, the trainers touch their ears to let them learn certain tricks and remember the brush strokes. In fact, they don't know these certain lines stand for flowers, animals, etc.

Third, the writer believes elephants are afraid of mice while the professor states this is a misunderstanding as well. Actually, the elephants back away whenever they see mice just because they're unfamiliar with mice. In some environments where they live together with lots of mice, as long as they see mice don't impose any threat and are familiar with them, they don't fear at all.