Negotiate a Raise 昇給を交渉 pt2

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Oct 19, 2018 16:18 日本語 Japanese 英語 English 面談 consultation negotiation 交渉 pay raise 昇給



So my contract with my company is being reviewed next month. They'll decide then whether or not they'll keep me on or let me go. If they decide to keep me on I would like to request a raise. I'll list them below but let me know what you think. Raises usually come once a year every April so I think I'll be getting one next year.

I was signed on as an assistant director however I have ended up doing most of the directors work for him. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but I lowered my base salary because you (the company) wasn't sure of my abilities.

Originally、 I was asking for ¥500,000, however they(the company) came back with ¥400,000. I met you in the middle with ¥450,000 to show you I can be flexible and that I'm eager to work with you (the company).

I believe I have more than proved myself and stepped up to the tasks handed to me. I want to work here for as long as I can however, with my salary as it is now, if I don't become a director it'll be difficult. I'm just asking that you consider a 15% pay raise as a fair wage for my work for you(the company).