PR展開概要のプレゼン The PR Development Outline Presentation

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The contract with 〇〇 is still being decided on so I can’t begin to really plan too much at the moment. The game we’ve created with 〇〇 is filled with humor and a uses a familiar system. We are tentatively planning to release info at the same time as 〇〇 starting 2 months before the release focusing our campaign on the main target first, then our sub target.

I compiled the data from 3 rivals to find the demographics for our game. We’ve added original elements to the new game to not only reach our main target of males 30~40 years old but to also bring in the sub target of males 20 years old and 10~20 year old females.

This promotion has layers like a hamburger。We establish a base which is communicating with the community followed by interviews of the artists and voice actors, then follow up with content from the community.

Here is the cost breakdown. The English version of the site will be provided by 〇〇. I’ve written a YouTuber made video but this is undecided. This is something I’d like to do if there is any budget left.

The teaser trailer will focus on fans of the 〇〇 and 〇〇 series and will launch after the collab announcement. The PV will launch shortly after that and focus on the story, graphics, and original soundtrack.

The homepage will go up at the same time as the teaser trailer is released and feature the characters holding a timer somewhat like the picture. The timer is the countdown to the next update. The site will have a cute, chaotic theme with manga-like accents and will be have extras such as coloring sheets and the manga cut-scenes with blank word bubbles.

As the release date is unspecified, this is a general idea of what the schedule would look like.