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While ○○ (Character name) is controlled with the D-Pad or Analog Stick, her weapons are controlled with the 4 face buttons. Each selectable weapon features a unique, minigame-like control scheme related to the game genre it parodies.

EXAMPLE: The Tetris-like PUZZLE GUN can take out enemies block by block, but linking 4 or more blocks together triggers a screen-clearing chain reaction!

Joining ○○ (Character name) on her journey are the adorable ○○ (Character name)(little floating space squids). These squishy helpers are unlocked and upgraded like ‘options’ in the ○○ games and float around ○○(Character name), either defending her (absorbing bullets) or adding to her firepower!

Enemies generally fly onscreen in waves. Killing every enemy in a wave leaves behind a ○○ (of food). These ○○ are collected and can be cashed in at any time to unleash a food-themed mega-bomb. As in ○○, the longer the player waits before cashing in, the more destructive the end result!