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Oct 23, 2018 11:10 English 英語 Japanese 日本語 ローカライズ localize game ゲーム
・ワールド1 のステージがブラッシュアップされクオリティーアップされたビルドになるかと思われます。本ビルドは、御社で今後のマーケティングを含めた展開をご検討いただくのに良いビルドとなるのではと思われます。
・障害があるドアを見えられる障害を行方不明(i.e. 警察の立入り禁止テープ)
● This build is an interim (work-in-progress) build as we advance toward the Vertical Slice (VS) build over the next 2 weeks.
● The VS build should be available to ARC by the end of next week (on Nov 2 or earlier).
● The VS build will present a very polished, hosted experience progressing the player(s) through World 1 (school).
● The VS build will be an ideal build for ARC management to evaluate to get a sense of how the final game will look and play.
● Today’s build (Oct 22) is a work-in-progress toward that build, but is not yet refined or polished.
● In today’s (Oct 22) build, you can see:
○ Playable ○○ character (single- or multiplayer)
○ New weapons (bench, baseball bat)
○ Adjustments to level layouts
○ Adjustments and additions to enemies
● Known issues:
○ Some doorways are incorrectly linked (lead to the wrong areas).
○ Some blocked doors are missing visible blocking elements (i.e. police tape).
○ Game flow has some errors when dying and continuing in specific rooms.
○ ○○ and ○○ do not start in the correct spot in the Detention room.
○ VO and cinematic sequences are not finalized.
○ Portraits of ○○ and ○○ when chatting are missing (white blocks).
○ Health and damage values are temporary (not finalized).