Game Play ゲームプレイ

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Oct 22, 2018 16:32 English 英語 日本語 Japanese ローカライズ localize ゲーム game





The original game is a classic, but has some rough edges. We’ll put a new spin on those elements to improve the game and make it accessible to gamers of every skill level!

The game focuses on fast action gameplay, with the ○○ performing their signature slapstick ○○ to defeat the evil ○○. This will be expanded and enhanced for this new game.

Each ○○’s primary attack uses his iconic weapon. This can be aimed up and down as well for unique high/low attacks.

All the sub-weapons from the original game return. The player collects these as they play and one can be equipped at any time. Use them as alternate attacks or new mobility.

As the player navigates each stage, they’ll need to leap over pits, to higher platforms, and to avoid enemy attack!