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Sep 12, 2018 12:26 business 英語 English ビジネス Japanese 日本語








The payments for milestone #8 and #9 will be rolled into one payment at the end of October.

For the Japanese voice recording, would your company consider halving the costs with our company (about $80,000) or doubling the selling price to hit the recoup line or not do the Japanese voice recording at all.

The voice actresses Japanese was great!

For the ending in the Japanese version、we want to create 6 endings, and after the fourth play through the endings will randomize. This is only for the captions, no need for new voice overs.

Minor sections of the script have been changed, and the new translated version should be ready by next week. They've fixed ○○'s and ○○'s lines.

The colors that ○○ and ○○ are wearing was an implementation error and will be added in the next milestone.

○○ is collecting all the suggestions we make about the kanji used in the background and will be giving the list to an in house artist who will fix them.

We can try out the hit stop function in debug mode. They will send it in the next milestone.

Will they support 32 bit for the PC version (Steam)?
No problem, but we need to send them specifications.

Regarding marketing, the main guy is reducing his responsibilities and will be sharing the position with another person. We will get a proper introduction next meeting.