Game proposal pt2

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Sep 19, 2018 14:04 日本語 Japanese 英語 English game ゲーム
アイテムを購入や武器を駆使するなどを〇〇/ 〇〇のシステムをとうしゅうします。プレイヤーまたは敵が武器を持ちながら投げたり、また、各武器によってダメージの度合いは異なる。本はStatをブーストされることができます。ゲームは6つのワールドに分かれて各ワールドにつき約8~10のシーンがあります。すべてボスキャラクターにそうぐうすることとなります。敵がRecruitsとしてプレイヤーの戦闘勝利後にプレイヤーをアシストする操作もあります。プレイヤー一度に最大12人のRecruitを保持することが可能である。

Buying items and the use of weapons is similar to the 〇〇series. Players or enemies can throw the weapons they hold and depending on the weapon, deal various amounts of damage. Books can boost stats. There are six worlds separated by 8-10 scenes. Each world has a boss encounter. Enemies can be defeated and used as Recruits which assist the player. The player can save up to 12 Recruits at a time.

As you can already tell, the graphics are very well done, and combine manga, cinematics, portrait scenes and pixel art. Here are some examples of their concept art and attacks. If there are no examples then we haven't received them in the milestones yet. The next update will be the alpha #2 on 10/20. Each boss character gets a special cinematic and portrait scene. Additionally there are game UI graphics that guide the player. The various stages backgrounds have meticulous detail for a pixel game.