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Sep 18, 2018 16:40 英語 English 日本語 Japanese ゲーム game

ゲームシステムは○○/ ○○のシステムをとうしゅうします。
The idea was suggested by ○○ who drew inspiration from the ○○ series. They’ve created the famous ○○ series.
The premise for this game centers around the ○○ universe and features ○○ and ○○ as the heroines. These two were first introduced in the Super Famicom title ○○ where you could not only play as ○○ and ○○, but the girls as well. This action game allows you to work together and fight as these two characters. The theme is identical to the original ○○ series, using it as a basis and referencing the characters, places, and other components. There are also other playable characters that can be unlocked.
The system follows the system of the ○○ series.
Just as in the Super Famicom version, ○○ and ○○ can high speed kick, punch, throw, and use combos. The game is also equipped with a level up system. The user can become more powerful by unlocking new, crazy looking moves. Although the voice over is only in English, the users can now experience the ○○ universe in a new way with a full voice over and captions in various languages. There are 6 endings in the Japanese version which occur randomly after the 4th play through.