Game proposal pt3

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Sep 21, 2018 14:02 日本語 Japanese 英語 English game ゲーム business ビジネス

The soundtrack includes remixes of bgm’s in 〇〇 and original songs. It was created by 〇〇 who has a fairly large following in the states. He’s been given the rights over the music for Europe and North America and splits profit with 〇〇, but 〇〇 and 〇〇split the profit in Asia. It seems like a great way to diversify the profit on this game.

This is general information about the game. The master will be ready by January 2019 but we’re aiming for an end of June release. We still need to have the script and UI translated into Chinese and Korean. Once I get the ok from 〇〇 I’ll continue with the promotion plan.