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As in the best arcade-style shmups, enemies range in size from tiny to massive, but always fly onscreen in canned, rhythmic patterns that require careful dodging and rapid firing!

Each of the 8 game worlds adds new enemies (like those shown above) as well as environmental hazards (spikes, bombs, traps) that the player must maneuver ○○ around as she auto-scrolls through each stage. Enemies become more complicated and challenging as the game progresses.

Each of the 8 boss encounters pits ○○ against an epic adversary somehow tied to her mysterious origin. Bosses are more complicated than standard enemies and evolve the ways they attack over the course of the battle. The story of each boss is revealed while they trade bullets with ○○.

○○, her friends, and her adversaries all have extreme, ridiculous personalities. Throughout the adventure, there will be constant visual, audio, and dialog gags that make this game the funniest (and funnest!) shooter out there!

In addition to mid-gameplay storytelling, high-res 2D character portraits will slide onscreen at the beginning of each stage and boss battle to provide brief, absurd cutscenes that advance ○○’s journey of self-discovery…and stuff.

Music also plays a key role in the game, with each world and boss given its own musical identity based on the personality of that character.

Character VO will be peppered throughout the game to add humor and charm to the experience and to enhance the story.