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○○ is a hyperactive, hilarious “shmup” (space shooter) that combines EVERY video game genre EVER into a single chaotic action experience!

Beginning as an April Fools’ joke from ○○ in 2013, the concept generated immediate excitement from hundreds of fans demanding that it become real! Later in 2016 a 3-stage teaser version of the game was released on PC through ○○. We are now looking for a publishing and funding partner to produce the full 8-stage version of the game.

The player takes control of ○○ (characters name), an intergalactic 4-star chef & bounty-hunter on a mission to discover her origin. Joined by her trusty squad of ○○ (little space squids) ○○ must hunt down and battle the galaxy’s most eccentric, villainous adversaries (some shown above).

The ‘hook’ of the game is that it combines every video game genre EVER! How is that possible? With guns, of course! Every weapon unlocked in the game is based on a different video game genre, including: FPS, RPG, platformer, sports, puzzle, horror, MMO, rhythm, racing, stealth, fighting, dating sim, and MORE!