Pronouncing the word "Clemson"

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Sep 8, 2019 23:44
Hey, everyone.

I wanted to share a quick story with y'all about a recent experience I had with some friends. I want to demonstrate that even native English speakers disagree about how to pronounce certain words.

In America, college-level football (アメフト) is very popular, and currently the number one college in the country is Clemson University, located in South Carolina (also simply called "Clemson"). I was talking to some of my friends about Clemson, and we realized we all pronounce it differently!

Using symbols from the IPA (international phonetic alphabet):

I pronounce it like this, along with other people: /ˈklɛm.sən/
A decent amount of people say: /ˈklɛm.zən/
Some people with strong Southern accents say: /ˈklɪm.sən/
Then, there are lots of people who add a "p" sound: /ˈklɛmp.sən/, /ˈklɛmp.zən/, /ˈklɪmp.sən/

I was telling my friends I don't like the pronunciation with the "z" sound. Just because the "s" is next to an "m" doesn't mean it can turn into a "z"! I don't know anyone who calls a "ham sandwich" a "ham zandwich"!

Still, there are a lot of people who use the "z" sound, including announcers on TV. I guess I'll just have to accept it. ^^;