A New “30-day Challenge”

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May 13, 2013 09:37 30-day-challenge TED
A New “30-day Challenge”

The other day, I wrote about my failing "trying something new for 30 days" project.

I wanted to find a proper goal for May that I could achieve.
Something new, practical, that I've always wanted to do.
I did my best to choose carefully and finally managed to decide.

I decided to clean the floor by wiping with a rug or an old towel after dinner.

I started it on May 1st, and I'm doing well so far. I sometimes forgot to do that just after dinner and did it late at night, though.

By the way, I found two things about this, which I didn't realize before.

How dirty the floor gets every day! Of course, I never wear shoes inside the house like other Japanese people, so no mud comes in. However, every time I wipe the floor, the cloth turns dirty with dust, tiny fragment of food, and something else. After doing it, I feel comfortable to walk with bare feet. This is a good thing.

Wiping the floor is also an exercise. I'm on my knees and hands, then move one hand widely from left to right. I didn't expect it as an exercise, but it really is. My body gets hot and I almost sweat. Now I expect it to do good for my body.

It's about the half way of this project.
Now I'm quite positive to achieve this 30-day challenge.



5月こそ、ちゃんと達成できる「30日間、なにか新しいことに挑戦」をしたいと思いました。 何か新しいこと、実際的なこと、ずっとしたいと思ってきたこと。




毎日、床ってこんなに汚れるものだったんだ! もちろん、他の日本人と同じように、私は決して家の中で靴は履きません。だから、泥が家の中に入ったりはしません。それなのに、床を拭くたびに、拭いている布がほこりや食べかすや他のいろんなもので黒くなります。終わったあとは、裸足で歩いても気持ちがいいのです。 これはいいことです。