Taiwan (台湾) Part 2

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May 27, 2019 23:17 experience trip
The main purposes of my trip to Taiwan was having good foods.

My friend who has visited there many times always talks about local foods there.

Pictures from Taiwan show delicious looking fruits, deserts, Chinese dishes, stacks from night markets, etc.

They were tempting.

I didn’t have enough time to explore all of them, but I tried as much as I could.

Shaved ice topped mangoes looked very good.

However, I thought it was too expensive.

I calculated in mind: I would be able to buy five mangoes at the supermarket for the same money as for it.

The mango on the shaved ice looked gorgeous but probably only one mango.

I decided to give it up and bought five mangoes.

They were very good.

I might try the shaved ice next time, though.

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